•••Surijah’s 1 year Smash Cake•••

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Look at how much this little one has grown! Oh my gosh, i remember when she was first born, heck i remember when i did her parents engagement session and wedding photos! This almost scares me a little knowing how fast these little ones grow now that we will have one of our own in about 6 months! This is Surijahs 1 year smash cake session, and i have to say, she is one of the best behaved little kids i know. We just gave her a book and said, “Go sit on your chair and read your book,” and she did! We got some adorable shots of her playing with her toys, reading (as best she could) and smashing those tiny little fingers and toes into her cake =) I can wait for the next sessions with her, AND her brand new baby sister due in about a month! Love this family.


One thought on “•••Surijah’s 1 year Smash Cake•••

  1. I absolutely love all these pictures! Lol u guys do amazing work and I’m so excited to see more pics from u all soon too! And yes time flies so take as many shots of ur precious new baby once it arrives because every moment is incredible memories 🙂

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